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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Nursery Updates

I have slowly been decorating the nursery with different things--some handmade, some store bought. Here are some of the latest updates:

The framed prints are actually felt from Hobby Lobby (I heart that store). They had 4 different animal prints so I got them all. I looked high and low for white picture frames (that weren't overpriced) and couldn't find them, so I just bought some cheap frames and painted them white myself. Then I tried finding simple/cheap mattes and couldn't find those either! Of course I ended up cutting out my own bloody mattes from cardstock. And voila! I think they turned out quite well.

My friend Sara and my mom and I all mulled over several different ways to arrange them, and we decided this one was the most appealing. It is above the "feeding corner" and notice the giraffe and zebra figurines on the shelf? The giraffe is from Hobby Lobby, and the zebra is from a thrift store.

Also notice the wood urn thing to the left with the dried grass in it. I got the dried grasses on sale at Hobby Lobby, and the urn thing is from Walmart. I looked several other places for one that spoke to me, but again they were waaay overpriced.

Next pic is of our carseat! We actually got it about 3 weeks ago. I just haven't taken a pic of it yet. No it is not installed in my car yet but only because we are in the middle of moving and I would only have to keep taking it out to put boxes in my backseat. It's quite simple--nothing fancy. I mainly wanted to get something neutral and practical. The cushion is washable and comes out, and it had very good reviews. I was bound and determined to just get a convertible car seat so that I wouldn't have to get another one in a year. That was until a friend pointed out the convertible car seats do not have a handle!!! Now I do not intend to carry my child around everywhere in the carseat but that does not mean I will never need a handle. So I had to get an infant one for now--courtesy of Bradley's greatgrandmother who also offered to get his next one too!


  1. Very cute! You did a great job!

  2. i LOVE BRADLEY'S ROOM!! It's going to be one of my favorite places to be lol!! So glad you're going to be much closer!!
    Love ya sis!!


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