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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Backup Plan

For those who don't know me, I am one of those people who has to have everything planned out. So the whole "going into labor spontaneously" deal doesn't really fit in there. And so far my cervix is on lock down. Well I had my 38 week checkup yesterday and the lovely doctor said I am about 80% effaced but no dilation still. She did say she could feel the baby's head right there though. She will be out on vacation all next week which means I won't actually see her again until my due date. And being the wonderfully proactive person that she is, she is going to schedule me to be induced on June 24th if nothing has happened by then!

Although I won't see her next week, I will see another doctor on Tuesday morning. I will be sure to let you know if anything changes then.

In other news...we are moving tomorrow! The movers will be here at 9am, and hopefully everything will be over there and done with before I have to go to work tomorrow night. We have the majority of our little stuff packed up, only things left are the kitchen, closets, and garage. Things are moving right along! I can't wait to be done moving, get settled, and wait for Bradley!

PS: Today is my birthday! The big 23 :)


  1. Awww... my birthday was yesterday! :)

    Glad to hear the effacement is coming along & I agree w/ you about wondering when it will happen spontaneously!! This'll probably drive me crazy! At least you have a June 24th date to look forward to!

    Good luck w/ the moving! Don't too much!! ;)


    That is great news about being induced. I'm such a planner too, so I totally understand. Good luck with the move and getting settled in your new place!

  3. Hello loverly birthday girl!!
    Looks like we'll be taking that 40 week belly shot as things stand hehe!
    If you need any help with moving you just let me know! I'll call you later gater!!


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