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Thursday, October 9, 2008

7 Days Past 3 Day Transfer

Nothing much going on with me, yes I'm weak and I've been taking an HPT everyday starting day 4 past transfer. Yes they have all been BFN. My pain is gone, but with my shot yesterday I think my hubby got my hip bone cause it hurt sooooooo bad when he did it, and now there is a knot at the site and my hip hurts. *Sigh*

I don't know if my moodiness should be a good sign, or a sign that AF is going to show up soon. I have been very cranky, and mostly depressed and hopeless. I know it's too soon to tell, it's not the HPT getting me down. I just have this premonition if you will, that it didn't work. I hope to God that it did, and I know I've done everything right. I just don't feel like it worked. It's more psychological than physical. I hope to be proved wrong next Thursday.

This is what my kitty Cuddles was doing...

So a BIG thank you to all of the people who have been praying for me and supporting me on here, and in real life :). I truly do appreciate it. This has been a very hard time for me, and I am ready for the next 7 days to fly by. If anything else happens before the 16th I will post an update, but I'm not expecting it to so check back then!!!!!


  1. Oh Kandy! Don't stress yourself out with those HPT's! Think about how much earlier an IVF patient can find out than someone trying to get pregnant naturally! I understand the anticipation though. It is hard to wait. I was so terrified to even go get the blood test. I just wanted to keep believing I was pregnant.

    I've tried those HPT you showed and don't have a clue how they work. I got mine sent to me by a drug company, but they had no instructions....and i am all about instructions!

  2. I'm sorry it feels like it did not work. It could be all these years that you have been trying and all the heartbreak over the last 6 years that you and Nick have been experiencing that it makes this fertility treatment feel absolutely hopeless.
    Just a little something to think about:
    My sister that lost her baby via incompetent cervix at 22 weeks- couldn't get a positive HPT pregnancy test until her second month of pregnancy. She was late the first month-started her period normal-then the next month was late again-she tested after she was 3 or 4 days late and it was a definite positive! She saw the Dr and he confirmed that she had conceived the month previous to that she was over 2 months pregnant! So anything is possible!
    Still praying for you and thinking positive thoughts!

  3. I completely know how you feel. This IVF journey is one of the most emotional things you can go through. Believe me, you would be having these feelings no matter what was going on, it just comes along with it. I think the emotional part of IVF is much much much worse than the physical part. But I don't know so much in your case since you had the bladder issue! Anyway, just try to think positive and pray that the days go by quickly until your test!

  4. Okay....I'm going to tell you from experience. Do NOT have a negative attitude...I want you to start thinking RIGHT NOW that your IVF worked, that you will be blessed with a wonderful pregnancy, and that you will give birth to a beautiful healthy baby in the next 10 months. You can do it...just BELIEVE it :)

    We ALL believe it for you, but you have to believe yourself!!!

    Keeping you in my prayers!

  5. damnit kandace- I've called the pity party police twice to go over to your house and stop this gloominess but just like the police in the real world, they're not doing shit. SO- I guess I'm just going to have a talk with God tonight, and hopefully, if he's not too busy he'll go to your house, and get into your heart. &maybe just maybe you'll get one of those miracle things that everyone talks about... BFP. That's what it is... :O) Like I can forget. Anyways, I love you, you know this, and I'm not going to let you be sad for long. I don't care if you lose that damn kidney I will make you laugh.
    Call me when you can, hold my 12$$ hostage, and I'll talk to you lata.

  6. Stay positive! Just keep telling yourself it worked! It worked and you will have a wonderful healthy baby( or two or three) Just have faith and stay strong! Now, you will be having to tell me all this in about 3 weeks!

  7. I'm waiting for your next blog.
    & it better be more optimistic
    remember- pupo... not
    poopie head.


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