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Monday, October 13, 2008

4 Weeks!

I know I'm a goober, but by God I'm going to milk this for all it's worth! My beautiful second line is progressively getting darker, and I am finally able to capture it on my camera to show you guys! Here they are, all lined up for you:

I am dying for Thursday to get here! On a non-pregnancy cycle, I would have been due to start my period either yesterday or today. But I have had nothing show up, so I'm hoping and praying it doesn't! I have been feeling kind of "twingey" in my uterus area. Not really crampy, more twingey. But I do have a story for you...

We all know the progesterone shots go in the muscle in the bum. Well my left bum was off limits for awhile cause the dear husband went a bit too close to the middle and I swear he hit bone. So that was verrrry sore and has a knot on it still. So for two day after that, I did my own shot but can only do it on the right bum since I'm right handed. Well Saturday I woke up in the afternoon all hot and cranky and needing to pee (frequent urination??). Turns out hubby wasn't home, and never came back home before I left for work that evening. So I couldn't do the left one by myself, and the right one was getting pretty sore. I really didn't want to subject any of my coworkers to my "cheeks", so I figured I would do it in my thigh since that is also a place you can give IM shots. So in the right thigh I go, the needle didn't really hurt. But shortly after injecting the medicine....oh my dear Lord. I of course did it right before I had to run out the door for work, so I proceeded to hobble around grabbing my bags and whatnot to leave. Then the rest of the night I suffered as my thigh proceeded to throb and ache. It's kind of like that ache right before you get a muscle cramp.

Don't worry about hubby though, he was merely out with a friend. I put him through a nice guilt trip for leaving me high and dry on the shot, and he vowed to never do it again. Well that was Saturday, and today is Monday, and yes it still throbs. So we are back to the cheeks, lesson learned. Note to self: do NOT inject progesterone into thighs.


  1. Oh MY GOD, it looks great- I'm so happy for you *and me too because I get to be apart of everything... looking at 8dp3dt, you can barely see it lol, but our trained eyes knew exactly what it was... it's getting darker and darker! I'm shocked and the reality of it all is setting in! I know you want to wait until the second beta and an ultrasound... but your preggers hon, and you're gonna be the best momma eva!!

    and I wouldn't be me if I didn't leave something snarky: you gonna be huuuuuuuuuuge.

    Love ya,
    Sara Mc.

  2. and I can't stop staring at the bfp... I'm so happy!
    Now calll memmmemmememmemmeeeeeeeeeee

  3. That is a hilarious story...not that you were sooooo sore, but I laughed pretty hard while reading it!
    Also, YOU ARE RIGHT, THE LINE IS GETTING DARKER! Stay strong and keep the faith! I am soooo excited and can't wait to hear the news! Good or bad, God is there for you. Now again, you will be having to tell me all of this in a few weeks!

  4. That is so cool! That's gotta be a great feeling to see the second line for the first time. Only a few more days until it's official! :)

  5. You are sooooooo pregnant! ;0)
    Your story seriously made me laugh till I cried~After today girl I needed that laugh! I'm sorry it hurt so bad-I remember the days as a child at the Pediatricians office getting shots in the thighs-Oh that gives me the heebie geebies! We need to schedule another date with the lovely Sara Mc- We could drink some decaf coffee-or something healthy for you and your one or two little ones and get some good fall crocheting in. Whatcha think?

  6. I am SO SO happy for you! I find myself living through your excitement! I can't wait until thursday either...please don't leave us in too much suspense!!!


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